September 2017 - Hoopers Island Photography Workshop

The first of two photography workshops scheduled for the fall of 2017 on Hoopers Island concluded on September 17th, 2017. Three co-workers who had experience shooting as a group were in attendance. The workshop gave the students first hand experiences with the inner workings of the Chesapeake Bay's seafood industry and opportunities to photograph crab processing facilities, pound net fishermen and oyster aquaculture farms. While being placed in the opportunity to photograph these different subjects, I educated students on techniques to develop and improve their photography skills. While not shooting activities on the water surrounding seafood, we spent time exploring Dorchester County's marshy landscapes in search of landscapes, wildlife and workboats melting into the marsh. I am looking forward to concluding a successful workshop season (May - October) with two more trips out of Annapolis and Hoopers Island. A special thanks to everyone who has attended my trips and helped make them a success!  

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Great photography workshop! The hands-on experiences of the Chesapeake Bay seafood industry, culture and community (both past and present) were very cool, and provided an amazing opportunity to refine and learn new photography skills.
— Jeff Reardon, workshop attendee