Piping Plover and Chick on a Delaware Beach a school of Cutthroat Trout, Yellowstone National Park American Shad Eggs Bald Eagle Bay ScallopBeach House Sunset Blue Crab EcdysisBrook TroutChesapeake Bay Pelican Colony Costa Rican Lobster Fisherman Elk Silhouette Flats Fishing Sunset Ghost Crab Golden TroutGraveyard Tangier Island Great Egret Chicks Great Egret Sunrise Holland Island Last House Green Sea Turtle over Grass Hoopers Island Pound Netters Kalmar Nyckel and East End LighthouseAbandoned Beach House Pine Island Sound Green Sea Turtle Red Drum Tailing Royal Tern Nesting ColonySail Dredging on a SkipjackSalty Dog Skipjack sail Striped Mullet Thomas Point Lighthouse, Annapolis Maryland Waterman hand tonging for oysters in the Choptank River Yellowstone Cutt and Hopper 9x10 Strecher.jpg