Working the Water: Winter 2014-2015

Breaking Ice. Tangier, Virginia 

Coast Guard Cutter 'Chock'. Tangier Sound, Virginia 

Coast Guard Cutter 'Chock'. Tangier Island, Virginia 

Tangier Island Watermen check their boats after a week of solid ice. February 2015 

Unloading groceries from the 'J. Millard Tawes'. Tangier Island, Virginia

Tolchester Beach, Maryland

Freezing Spray. Taylor's Island, Maryland 

Iced in. Tedious Creek, Maryland 

Waterman's breakfast, Gordons. Crisfield, Maryland 

Breaking ice to haul seine. Choptank River, Maryland 

Tangier watermen dredging for oysters. Tangier Sound

Tangier dredgers unloading oysters onto the buyboat 'Delvin K'. Tangier, Virginia 

Farm Creek, Maryland 

Crisfield, Maryland Oyster Shucker

Northern Neck of Virginia shucker. Bevans Oyster Company, Virginia  

Dredging for oysters. Broad Creek, Maryland 

Patent Tonging for Oysters. Patuxent River 

Fyke Netting for Yellow Perch. Bush River, Maryland 

Tagging Yellow Perch. Bush River, Maryland 

Freshly cut pound net poles. Reedville, Virginia 

Gill Netting for Striped Bass. Kent Island, Maryland 

Surf Scoter. Thomas Point, Maryland 

Frozen Blackwater River. Dorchester County, Maryland